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Chevy 2017 Camaro Lakewood CA

Chevy 2017 Camaro Lakewood CA



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2017 Chevrolet Camaro

In 2017 there is no longer a demand for a sports car to just perform, it must be dynamic, powerful and take your experiences from the mundane to the extraordinary.

Chevrolet has done just that in the evolution of an American performance icon, the new 2017 Chevy Camaro. From its creation with the 1966 model, it has ruled over the American muscle car scene with dominance. Now you get a taste of that power during your daily drive with the help of our team of product specialists at Harbor Chevrolet. We have the tools and ability to match you to the model that fits your every need, from our great selection of in stock Chevy vehicles, to ensure your drive is never a daily grind again.

The new Era in performance has come and the 2017 Camaro is here to open your eyes to driving excitement. With over 50 years of road ownership with tried and true dominance over the competition, this year's exciting new evolution is proving itself with advanced performance technology, meticulous design and engineering mastery. It was designed to pay homage to its forefathers, but answers the call of the modern driver with head turning and mind-blowing muscle. Through every turn you will feel the power that the three available engine systems and six generations of road testing can offer. So, whether you choose the fierce standard 2.0L turbo or take excitement up to the max with the available LT1 V8 powerhouse, your Camaro power-train was engineered to take your experiences to the highest thrilling level without every sacrificing efficiency. Giving you the sporty and muscular handle on the road you demand, the new Camaro offers you a stiffer suspension, more aggressive tires, enhanced braking and cooling systems. With these advancements and many more the new 2017 Camaro was engineered to be lighter, leaner, faster and meaner than any of its predecessors. 

The performance enhancements of the new 2017 Camaro don’t stop under the hood. With its smaller and lighter architecture and body structure you will be able to take on the road with new passions, enjoying the more responsive braking and better attack in and out of corners. This more compact sixth-generation sports car has a fastback profile with more pronounced quarter panels, giving it dimensions that can’t be ignored. The wider grille and reverse Mohawk channel on the roof lead the air directly to the available lift-reducing stanchion spoiler for improved airflow and aerodynamics. And, as you pass, onlookers will feel the rumble that is delivered by the dual-mode exhaust system that was tuned to peak performance. It delivers an aggressive growl and rumble whether you are stuck in traffic or making a run for it to your next adventure.

This new 2017 Camaro shows the world how good 50 can look. So, it’s your time to take the wheel and experience the open road the way that was intended, with excitement and control, power and adrenaline. At Harbor Chevrolet, your local Lakewood CA Chevy source and home of the Sweet Deal, we are your source for iconic American Muscle and performance. Use our online resources for research and discovery. Give us a call at (866) 973-0316 to have your questions answered by one of our knowledgeable product specialists, then come in and have us cater to your needs, providing you with the highest quality vehicles and care.



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