Chevrolet Colorado vs GMC Canyon Long Beach, CA


Just a Few Little Details Can Make All the Difference

So you’re looking for a compact pickup to have some fun with near Long Beach, CA. Maybe you’re doing some light work. Maybe you’re planning to hit the trails or the beach. Maybe you want to get a lift kit under there and slap some big tires on your new truck. Whatever the reason, you’ve likely come down to one of two choices in the compact truck category. The Chevrolet Colorado or the GMC Canyon. Both are perfectly able trucks, both come straight from the iconic GM brand, and with the same powertrain options, both get similar MPG ratings. But there are a few reasons why the Colorado is simply the better choice and here at Harbor Chevrolet, our expert team is ready to show you exactly why.

What’s More Important Than Value?

When buying a new truck, few things are more important than cost. Which is one of the main reasons the Chevrolet Colorado is the obvious choice here. With a base price starting at just over $20k, not only is the Colorado less expensive than the Canyon, it’s less expensive than any other compact truck on the market. And with a few minor package options and trim upgrades, you can drastically increase the comfort of your ride while still staying under $25k. Conversely, the Canyon has a base price starting over $21k and upgrading trim and option packages in a similar fashion will put you over $25k.

Rugged Off-Road Ability

While both the Colorado and Canyon offer plenty of off-road options straight from the showroom – options like off-road-specific suspension and hill descent control – there is one thing that gives the edge here to the Chevrolet. While the Canyon does have an All Terrain trim option available, the Colorado has not one but TWO different off-road configurations. The Z71 and ZR2 trim options feature tough as nails 17-inch wheels, locking rear differentials and 4×4 transfer case shields, suspension specifically tailored for life off of the pavement and a wider, more stable stance for whatever the trail might throw at you.

Get Down and Dirty in Your New Colorado

Most people aren’t after a compact truck for a sense of luxury, which is exactly why the less expensive, more able Chevrolet Colorado is the obvious choice here. GMC has long been the General Motors truck brand associated with a higher-end, more refined driving experience. But who buys a compact truck for a high-end, refined driving experience? We buy compact trucks to get ‘em dirty, to hit the beach, to load up our bikes in the back for a weekend of heart-pounding adventure, to jack them up and tear down some trails. We buy them because we’re after excitement and there is no more exciting compact truck than the Chevrolet Colorado.

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Here at Harbor Chevrolet, nothing is more important to us than service. From our nearly one-hundred service bays, ensuring that we’ll always have space for you, to our expert sales and technician teams, we’re here to make sure your truck-buying experience is unrivaled. So come visit us today near Long Beach, CA and get that new Colorado that’s just here waiting for you! Take it for a spin today near nice nearby sights like The Queen Mary!

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